The 2018 Taiwan International Fastener Show successfully ended on April 12

Taiwan has successfully hosted the world of fasteners at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
This year's exhibit marked another record-high, featuring 415 exhibitors and more than 1,107 booths, the most recorded since the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center was established. 
With the enthusiastic participation of buyers and fastener exhibitors from around the world, the three-day exhibition attracted 2,193 international buyers from 73 countries. The show also drew over 30,000 domestic and foreign visitors. 
The top-ten purchasing nations this year were mainland China, Japan, India, United States, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand. There were 70% more buyers from Italy this year, with more buyers also attending from Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, and France, demonstrating that the exhibition has become an ideal business procurement platform for the global fastener industry.
Manufacturers in the fastener product area, including Zyh Yin Enterprise, Patta, Anchor Fasteners Industrial, SFE, and SRC, and manufacturers in the mechanical equipment area, including CCM, Chun Yu, and Jern Yao, all noted that the majority of visitors during this year's exhibition were valid buyers who helped expand export sales. The fastener show achieved its goal of stabilizing the existing market and developing new customer sources. The show not only helped create business opportunities for Taiwan's fastener manufacturers, but also facilitated industry improvement.
The 2018 exhibition featured a variety of activities, including the Global Fastener Summit held on the opening day of the exhibition and a car fastener-themed activity. The European Fastener Distributor Association (EFDA), Auto Manufacturer Mercedes Benz (Germany), Vissart Europe (France), TR Fastenings (UK), and QST International (Taiwan) were all invited to analyze the global automotive fastener industry and market trends. 
Taiwan International Fastener Show procurement meetings were held during the exhibition. Fifty-one ‘heavyweight’ buyers from Germany, United States, Russia, France, Brazil, and South Africa were invited to participate in 230 negotiation sessions with 78 domestic exhibitors, generating venue and potential business opportunities of up to US$270 million. The first ever One-on-One Employment Meetings event attracted 6 domestic manufacturers and 16 applicants to 46 matching sessions. 


Date : 26.04.2018