Tax Resolution from the US to China Product worth 50 Billion Dollars

President Trump declared that due to violations of US intellectual property rights by Beijing 25% customs tax will be applied to the products that will be imported from China, which is mostly made of high technology, worth 50 billion dollars.
The products to be tariffed are said to be high-tech products for the United States and many other countries, which are claimed to damage economic growth, but will provide future economic growth for China, which emerges in China’s “Made in China 2025” plan.
Trump said that the implementation that perceived to protect employment is necessary to prevent further injustice in US technology and intellectual property rights and that these tariffs will serve as a first step to balance the US and Chinese relations. 
Trump warned China that in the event of retaliation, actions against US exporters, or implementation of non-tariff barriers by Beijing he would impose more taxes on Chinese products. President Trump said the additional tariffs would be worth $ 100 billion in this case.
Beijing said the US would retaliate with a worth of $ 50 billion against this practice. 

Date : 07.08.2018