New Smart Forming Concept by Nedschroef Machinery

Nedschroef is bringing the smart forming concept to the market in a range of next-generation forming solutions.

Smart forming brings more flexibility, intelligence and efficiency to the production of cold and warm formed metal parts, allowing manufacturers to create more complex and more functional products faster.

The basis of the smart forming concept is Nedschroef’s revolutionary servo-electro drive technology that makes forming easier and more efficient. It offers much greater repeatability and accuracy while increasing productivity, reducing up to 50% product changeover time, enabling new forming possibilities and more complex part geometries. Moreover, the direct drive transmission of power practically eliminates wear to maximize the lifetime of the machine.

Smart forming, the NC714 and NT60, have been demonstrated at Nedschroef’s stand at WIRE 2018.

The servo-electric driven NT60 roll former enhances manufacturing accuracy, repeatability, production flexibility and high output. This solution perfectly meets today’s demand for (hi tensile) thread and profile rolling.

The  NC714 multi-station cold and warm former includes intelligent controls and has standard green features to reduce energy consumption. Benefi ts of the former include repeatability and accuracy in manufacturing, high productivity, enhanced production flexibility and new forming possibilities. Easy operation reduces the required operator skill level and will result in less human errors.


Date : 26.04.2018