Dimac revolution on automated SPC measuring, directly into the workshop

The statistical parts control in-process and the related data collection are essential operations to be carried out according to methods and procedures fixed by the most recent ISO quality standards.

The fundamental words in Six Sigma’s are Define, Improve, Measure, Analyze and Control and this acronym curiously sounds like DIMAC to witness the destiny of the Italian company, starting from the brand name.

Dimac’s 30-year experience combined with methodology and Lean Management points directly towards the costs reduction and the improving of the quality, thanks to solutions like SPC-LAB and SPC-ROBOT presented at the Wire show 2018 in Duesseldorf for the first time.

Both are mobile units for SPC controls and data collection, suited for the shop-floors. Executing complex measurements in a flash without any contact, they dramatically reduce the time required for statistical controls and eliminate the resort to the metrological room.

SPC-LAB allows to synthesize in an ergonomic, robust and compact frame structure one of the key aspect of production process improvements, i.e. achieving sustained quality by stable, predictable process results.

Just some details:

  • up to 100 measurements in less than 1 second
  • accuracy up to 5 µm
  •  working range:
    2 mm - 30 mm diameter
    10 mm - 70 mm length
    (extra-large on demand)
  • 30% to 50% OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) improvement

The new SPC-LAB is now partnering with SPC-ROBOT to automate the inspection cycle completely.

SPC-ROBOT – which launch has been announced during the Fastener Fairs in Istanbul and Cleveland – has been successfully presented in Düsseldorf at WIRE 2018.

Customers and attendees were impressed by this breakthrough equipment that expands Dimac product range. This is a multi-station, control and data collection unit equipped with an anthropomorphic COBOT (collaborative robot), a TURBOCLEAN station for the parts cleaning and an optical measurement station with high-resolution digital cameras.

3 models are available:

  • accuracy from 5 µm up to 10 µm
  • working range:
    4 mm/M4 – 25 mm/M25 diameter
    30 mm – 150 mm length
    part weight up to 2 kg
  • repeatability from 3 µm to 10 µm

SPC-ROBOT is the automated evolution of the SPC-LAB, positioned in the workshop to service a group of production machines. The COBOT releases the operators from any duty concerning the SPC control at regular intervals.

With a simple click on the touch-screen, the operator logs into the system through the icon related to his machine ID and Job number, then he leaves the parts for SPC control into the custom-pod of the machine. Each part is picked by the COBOT, brought to the turbo-cleaning station and then to the optical measuring station. This cycle is repeated for the number of parts required by the company SPC procedures.

When the cycle ends, the collected measured data are immediately available for the ERP system which would process them according to the company quality standard system.

The SPC-ROBOT control software is the evolution of the fully tested Dimac MCVx that provides a complete range of measurement tools.

Both SPC-LAB and SPC-ROBOT allow the saving of unlimited items by the job or drawing number or any code which could be recalled at any moment. The control report is immediately displayed or ready for printing, including the measures trend graphic visualization with the most important statistical parameters.

Date : 03.05.2018