Who is defending the rights of Fastener Manufacturers?

When we compared to many other sectors in the world, we can see how small the fastener sector is. The reason why the number of producers seems high is the fact that the number of products is high. Fastener companies often grow fast because there are too many customers from every sector. In fact, what grows them is not their entrepreneurship or endeavors, but the end users and suppliers. Because the potential for the use of fastener is very high in the world. 
We can also understand how small the fasteners sector, of which the producers little but the end users are many, as follows: Even the biggest of the fastener fairs in the world covers the space of no more than 3-4 halls. However, when we look at different sectors, dozens of halls are filled. To give an example from several sectoral fairs in Europe; Occupational Safety Fair occupies 15 halls, Metal shaping fair 25 halls, Automotive 20 halls, Window fair 15 halls, Construction fair 20 halls, Hardware fair 10 halls, Plastic fair 10 halls. 
Nevertheless, without this small fastener sector, the products of other sectors are, unfortunately, useless. Each product needs fasteners to achieve the final result. Neither a car, nor a refrigerator, nor furniture, nor a plane or a house ...without the screws, bolts they're not likely to be in our lives. 
We can criticize companies that do not invest in the business and, therefore, remain small. However, there are also companies that do their job really professionally. There are many producers with millions of dollars invested in technology, hundreds of skilled employees, millions on promotion-marketing spending, established facilities and laboratories, and work integrated. There are important companies with R & D studies to develop new screws and new thread forms for having better screws with easier access to the sheet or wood.
The companies grow with customer demands are starting to be controlled by their customers over time and work on their initiative. Unfortunately, the global race, free market conditions bring the manufacturers of fasteners to the point of competing with price and payment terms. They forget the value of the product they produce in this competition. They cannot express their own values against the companies that underrate the work by naming it just a screw. Of course, in that case, customers' requests are emboldened. Because there are many companies without awareness of the importance of their work waiting in line to give a cheaper price, longer term, more tolerance.  
In this case, even small details with little importance are sometimes the reason for returning the products. The slightest scratch on the bolt, the slightest micron in the coating, perhaps a tolerance of no importance, 10 PPM even in the sorted products constitute reason for rejection. End users who want zero errors can return entire products for 10 errors in 1 million as if their requests not met.
All of the companies in the sector are struggling individually against these demands of end users or wholesalers that are almost hitting the level of impertinence. Often times the products are returned or reclamations have to be accepted. Who defends the manufacturer's right? What are the functions all those many associations, unions and institutions of this sector in the world have? Why wouldn’t producers dictate their own rules and limits? 
Yes, we are a small but an indispensable sector. If we don't unite as a whole to impose our own rules and standards we will remain to be putty in the hands of customers. 
As Fastener Eurasia Magazine, our suggestion is to establish World Fastener Association by gathering all the fasteners associations in the world under one roof as soon as possible. We must actively engage in putting said association into operation, the first step of which previously taken and has been mentioned by us for the first time in the world. The rules of the game in the sector must be determined by this association. The only way to get rid of customer hegemony is to become a rule maker.
Very soon we will be able to inform the entire sector about the launching event of World Fasteners Association we organize in partnership with Fasteners Association of Turkey (BESIAD). 

Date : 11.04.2019