Washer Faced Hex Screws with Torx

Manufactured in natural nylon, this new range combines 3 shapes in one: hex head, star drive and washer. When compared with metallic screws, natural nylon is light, non-conductive to electricity and has very good thermal properties. And the materials mechanical strength provides good resistance to shocks and will also resist staining. 
This triple fastener combination offers several advantages: 
Variety of drive tools: Spanner / Socket / Torx driver 
The combined washer that: 
Limits the pressure / tension under the screw head
Offers better support and protect the fastened surface
Better distribution of the load 
The star drive that:
improves tightening torque 
less likely to slip during tightening 
Dimensions available: M4, M5, M6, lengths 6 to 60 mm depending on the diameter. 
Besides Nylon, BÜLTE also proposes this range in PP, PE, PVDF, and PC on request. These materials are also stainless, and they offer higher resistance to diluted acids, greases, oils, alcohol or petrol. 
Another option is fibre glass filled Nylon which combines enhanced mechanical performance and long term durability. It represents the perfect polyamide for pieces that require higher Torque, and increased shock absorption. 
The washer faced hex screw with Torx can be adapted to all your applications and can be produced in a large range of colours (see RAL chart, minimum quantity on request). 
Bülte’s account managers are available for advice from product design to completion. Quotation and free samples on request. 
The Bülte GmbH is certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. 


Date : 06.08.2018