Stahlwille Rolls out the First Electromechanical Torque Screwdriver to the World

TORSIOTRONIC is the first electromechanical torque screwdriver on the market - combines the accuracy of electronic measurement with the convenience of the “click” from mechanical trigger mechanisms.
The patented trigger system trips with audible and tactile signals when the target torque is reached. The tool measures as accurately as only an electronic torque tool can. Integrated ratcheting bit-holder with 80 teeth that provide a particularly small ratchet angle of only 4.5° and thus enable particularly sensitive working - ideal for hard-to-reach fasteners. The fine-tooth ratchet, a wide range of programming options and a micro- USB interface make the TORSIOTRONIC the ideal tool when it comes to logging work steps, applying very small torques or following complex tightening sequences. Available in four versions for different torque ranges: 12-120 cN.m, 30-300 cN.m, 60-600 cN.m and 100-1000 cN.m. 

Date : 06.08.2018