Specialists of GLAVKUZBUSSTROY were Trained in Anchor Installation

Two groups of specialists of the GLAVKUZBASSTROY Association were trained in the installation of anchors in Kemerovo on 15 May 2018.

The training was organized by Association SRO GLAVKUZBASSTROY, Union of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fastening  systems (Moscow), JSC Construction(Moscow). Totally 36 representatives of organizations-members of the Association took part in the classes. The systematic presentation of the material fixed by practice, allowed the students to successfully pass the testing conducted at the end of the seminar. Based on the results of the training, the participants received the certificates of experts for the installation of anchors. The participants of the seminars noted the high professional level of the organization and conduct of training, the systematic and clear presentation of the theoretical material and practical part. 

Date : 06.08.2018