Olfor - Rivets from Poland

Olfor is based in Olsztyn, in the north of Poland, close to the Russian boarder, in a beatiful scenery of Land of Thousand Lakes (closest lake is just 40 meters from Olfors headquarter). Company since last year started production of blind rivet and rivet nuts. 

Olfor was established in 2007 with two shareholders as a stainless steel fastener distributor.  Because competition on this market was huge soon Olfor fell into financial problem. After 15 months only one owner remained in the Company – Mr. Marek Langalis: “I quickly realized that competition on the market for stainless fasteners does not make sense if you do not have large capital and a warehouse worth several million euros.” The decision was to specialize on the one market – riveting. Today main products of the Company are: blind rivets, rivet nuts and riveting tools. 
In 2010 Olfor started first import from China for the rivet nuts. The main problem was to choose a good factory. As a small and young company Olfor was always thinking about the quality of the product and service. This is why goods before entering the market was checked at three levels. 
Step by step Olfor was growing. Today it is more than 500 Clients in 15 countries from a different markets (from automotive to home equipment and construction business). 16 people working there is fully dedicated to give a complex service to every Client. In 2016 Olfor started own production with colour blind rivets. Today it is 3 lines dedicated to colour the rivets with daily capacity of 200 000 pcs in every RAL colour. Among that 3 cold heading machines produce around 300 000 pcs rivets in every material. But still the main product for the Olfor is rivet nuts. Today, working together with partner in China, company has developed production on their own. Not only the standard rivet nuts but also all kind of specials with different coating (with new development of coating on steel which has better chemical resistance than 1.4301 material). 
“We do not focus on standards, but we are always looking for a new markets and new opportunities. Sometimes we take place in special projects just to learn and develop a new product” says technical director Mr Seweryn Korsak. Fast delivery, good product, good stock for standard rivet nuts and blind rivets. There is also one puzzle in this jigsaw – tooling. 4 years ago Olfor decided to establish a new brand for tooling – RivOl. It is 4 pneumatic tools for a standard rivets and rivet nuts with model RivOl T-10 the most succesfull. 
“We have developed easy light tool. Our advantage is good quality with low price and very low cost of maintenance” Marek Langalis says. “We are looking very optimistic for the future, our team is young and very ambitious. They are growing together with the Company, so we are all dedicated for a good growth. For the last 6 years our slowest growth of sales was 32% . You can say it is easier to grow when You are small, but it is not true. If You are small You have dozen of problems, like financing, or finding a right people for work. So it is not company size makes You growth – it is ambitious of people working with You. I have this oportunity to work with ambitious people – we are doing things in Poland which no one is doing. This gives us a big advantage over our competition.” 
Olfor is looking to be a leader in Central Europe for the riveting in next 5 year time. It could be possible with attitude of people working there with heads full of new ideas.

Date : 21.09.2018