Norm Cvata at Fastener Fair Stuttgart

The eighth Fastener Fair, the greatest meeting point of international fasteners sector, is held in Stuttgart. Norm Cvata, the leading company of Norm Holding which is the leader of the fasteners sector in Turkey has attended the fair which 987 companies from 45 countries are involved and giant firms of the world and important representatives of the fasteners sector have participated in and obtained visa for new markets.
Stating that they have come together with the world’s giant firms, distributors, suppliers, engineers and other professionals from various sectors and established important business contacts at the Fastener Fair held on March 19-21, Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Holding, said, “At the fair we have attended with a powerful staff, we did not only made an introduction but have made important business contacts and taken business development decisions with the world’s giant firms. These such prestigious international fairs offer the opportunity to track sectoral developments closely and specifically, to present directly the new technologies and products you have developed to new markets and new potential customers along with our customers. We have undersigned such studies at this fair”.   
51 companies 90 meetings new customers 
Stating that they have held 90 meetings at the Fair with 190 executives from 51 firms, Uysal said, “We have taken action to include 16 of 51 firms from countries and regions as Europe, South Africa, Brazil and New Zeeland in our customer portfolio”.   
Product development decisions are also taken
Emphasizing that they have both made their name Norm Holding more and added new markets to their portfolio by the fairs, Uysal said, “What is done at this fair is not only product marketing and business agreements, we have also received the customers’ demands on product development and taken product development decisions in accordance with these demands. Likewise, we have presented the new technology products we have developed to our customers.  Specifically, these agreements concluded in a period when automotive sector form the moves to increase our export and ensure the growth our country needs. In this respect, we may say that we had quite a productive fair, both for us and for our country” and has finished his speech.  

Date : 21.5.2019