Dimac - 100% Italian Quality Control & Sorting Expertise in Poland

The latest FASTENER POLAND – held in Krakow for the second time – has been the most important fastener trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe, and this 2018 edition has well mirrored still further the entrepreneurial vivacity of the international top players engaged in that area.
One of them is Dimac, whose partnerships in Poland testify the Italian company commitment to keep on investing in this European market that is more and more specializing in high-tech components and manufacturing for the most demanding industries, e.g. automotive, electronics and construction.
Dimac GM Massimo Agrati says: “We continue to expand our operations throughout Poland with the aim of strengthening our position in Eastern Europe too as leading provider of value-added 100% inspection & sorting state-of-the-art solutions”.
Dimac engagement in these regions is long-standing: from the first series of machines supplied to Bimex-Böllhoff Sp. z o.o. to the new advanced inspection & sorting equipment currently running in SOLVERA Gawel ZPS ,Manuli Hydraulics Polska S.A., Stalmax Sp. Z.o.o.  and  BULTEN Polska S.A. production workshops.
We ask Mr. Agrati to travel with us in a virtual tour of the country, introducing these top-class OEMs.
Starting from south-western Poland, we go to Strażów where Solvera Gawel ZPS has its base.
“Solvera Gaweł Zakład Produkcji Śrub is a family business company which expertise in high-tech fasteners manufacturing is internationally recognized,” Mr. Agrati continues “and we are pride that they go on relying us, continuously investing in Dimac products”.
Dimac has provided Solvera Gawel ZPS Quality Department with five new generation machines belonging to MCV1 series and equipped with a new station release that allows to capture both single and multiple images of the parts submitted to the inspection.
“It has been recently launched in the market,” Mr. Agrati states “furtherly enhancing the machine control accuracy. Basically, it consists in a special vision software tool combined with a HD side camera for dimensional measurements, a motorized unit for the parts lift and high-speed 360° rotation, and an interchangeable bit-driver”.
Moving east for a couple of km we reach Krzemienica – Łańcut County – Bimex-Böllhoff Sp. z o.o. headquarter.
“This is one of our historic customers,” Mr. Agrati explains ”and represents a good example of partnership between Dimac and an OEM engaged to provide top quality fasteners. Once installed, Dimac sorting equipment at Bimex are working reliably since a decade”.
Dimac provides the customers with updates and upgrades to keep their machines working with the latest releases and state-of-the-art technologies. That’s very important to keep the systems profitable and accelerate the return on investment.
Then, going north-west, we reach Mysłowice and therefore Manuli Hydraulics Polska S.A.
“They are part of Manuli Rubber Industries group,” Mr. Agrati comments “with specific needs as they mostly produce premium hose fittings and connectors. This is the reason for what they integrate their production processes with the new MCV5 series”.
Like MCV1, Dimac MCV5 is a rotary table-based series, except it is a glass table, especially suited to inspect flat/cylindrical geometries, just like Manuli Hydraulics parts shapes are.
Manuli Sorting Department is also equipped with MCV2, Dimac innovative slant tilting glass “V” track series for any very accurate dimensional inspection of parts with cylindrical symmetry.
“We signed up important agreements in 2018,” Mr. Agrati says, “one of them is with Stalmax Sp. Z o.o., a fasteners Polish excellence supplying automotive industry”.
After an intense research activity – conducted by both companies engineering teams – including prototyping and validation, the most suitable solution for the customer’s requirements is again new Dimac MCV1.
The same approach has been followed up with BULTEN Polska S.A. where 2 special machines MCV1 have been installed in the first half of 2018 with NDT eddy-current stations for crack and heat treatment detection.
“The new MCV1 release is particularly appreciated for its versatility and high volumes performances” Mr. Agrati concludes.
So, there are all the conditions to follow this very positive trend-path in 2019 too. The inspection & sorting standards of Dimac products and services are recognised worldwide as one of the best in the fastener market segment and represent the bases on which Dimac will build its future growth.
GAWEL Zakład Produkcji Śrub S.A. is an innovative market leader, providing fasteners for a number of international corporations, e.g. in the household appliances, automotive and furniture industries.
Bimex-BÖLLHOFF Sp. z o.o. is a joint-venture of a Polish family company – Bimex Sp. z o.o. – and the German enterprise Böllhoff GmbH, mainly manufacturing bolts, nuts and washers used for the assembly of steel constructions and antitheft connections.
Manuli HYDRAULICS Polska S.A. designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of hoses, connectors, and machines for conveying power in high pressure hydraulic circuits and fluids in refrigeration units.
STALMAX Sp. z o.o. is an international leading company manufacturing a wide range of high-tech fasteners for the automotive industry.
BULTEN Polska S.A. is one of the 9 production sites belonging to one of the most important fasteners manufacturing group worldwide with the headquarter in Sweden. Bulten production units and warehouses are also located in US, China, Russia, Germany and Great Britain.

Date : 23.11.2018