Chien Tsai Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd

3 Guiding Principles Leading to High-value Thread Rolling Machines
Chien Tsai has become the world’s top thread rolling machines with the largest capacity since it was founded in Taipei in 1973. Its Taipei headquarters primarily provides previous models. In 2013, it established a plant managing the latest models to cope with most of its fastener clients gathering in southern Taiwan. It also set up a plant in Shanghai, and then a new plant in Zhejiang, China in 2017. Chien Tsai services the demand for thread rolling machines in South-east Asia by having the Shanghai plant provide old models and Zhejiang plant provide new ones in tandem with the government’s south-bound deployment strategy.
As the succeeding generation of the founder, general manager Alex Chen has brought complete transformation to high value machine ever since he took over the business. He came up with 3 guiding principles for the development of Chien Tsai’s machines.
Shifting the Company’s Market Structure
Chien Tsai is shifting its machine grade to the middle and high level. One of its developments, as Alex stressed, is the shift to self-developing electrical control for its machines that will significantly boost operational quality and manufacturing efficiency. Available materials include cast iron and ductile iron. Furthermore, Chien Tsai is en route to modularizing its machines.
Establishing Independent R&D Unit
Another target in Alex’s blueprint is to set up an R&D unit. “A few companies’ R&D unit is doing research for the sake of clients’ demand and requirement. Quite the contrary, my R&D unit is independent by nature and recruiting experts who do research for the purpose of upgrading our own machines. It is not subject to any external factors, but it still acquires intelligence on market demand. It only exists for the sake of rolling out our ground-breaking models. The reason behind this idea is to roll out new products that amaze our clients.”
Putting up a Video Recording Team
Alex currently has a video recording team in charge of filming critical production processes and putting the videos on a cloud database. Their aim is to build a full plant manufacturing SOP, thereby significantly improving employee’s productivity and efficiency, and reducing production time by a great deal. “Through video recording our engineering, we can pick up critical portions of the manufacturing procedure and analyze them. By doing that, we could understand material usage and loss as well as tool usage to achieve the most efficient procedure improvement. Thanks to the team, our capacity has soared from 70 to 150 units!”
The core of Alex’s blueprint is to follow the above 3 guiding principles and integrate the ERP and engineering of the manufacturing procedures of Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, and Zhejiang plants. These 4 plants can therefore work together more effectively and boost sales. Chien Tsai has clearly shown its ambition to expand global sales with its attendance to fastener and machine shows in India, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Düsseldorf and other places. Its upgrade to high value will bring a whole new business heyday. 

Date : 07.08.2018