Berdan Civata Signature On The Longest Bridge Of The World

After the bridges in Istanbul, now, the Çanakkale Bridge connects the Asian and European continents.
The suspended bridge, which connects the two continents in Çanakkale, will take the title of The World's Longest Suspension Bridge because of its 2023 meters long foot opening. Previously this title belonged to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan with 1900 meters.
In the region where the Trojan Wars took place in the 1200s BC, and depicted in Homer's poetry in the Iliad Epic, the construction began last year in 2018, in the total length of 4000 meters.
  In the year of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, the bridge scheduled to open in 2023; the mid-foot range considered to be 2023 meters and with this length has earned the title of the world's longest suspension bridge.
The second longest in Europe, Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge’s 252 meter high towers are erected upon Berdan Civata's 370 pieces of bolts at 780 kg and 10.1 m long each, which Berdan produced for Japanese Bridge Mogul IHI in 2015, had gained a very important knowledge and a unique experience even though did not as profit.
Berdan Civata, who has the know-how for the Çanakkale Suspension Bridge, has become a company that has experience and voice in the fasteners of Mega Bridges. For this reason, Berdan Civata  is ready to be a solution partner in all kinds of MEGA Projects no matter where they are in the world with its experience and knowledge, exceeding half a century.
For these 780 pieces of 10.1-meter length M85 diameter anchor bolts, Berdan successfully shortened the delivery time of 2 months by 2 weeks, and delivered to the Çanakkale Bridge site.
Today, with 40 engineers and 290 employees, Berdan Civata and Laboratory Services Industry, was established as a workshop in 150 m2 in Tarsus 40 years ago. In 2000, it moved from this workshop with 25 employees to the Tarsus-Mersin Industrial Zone and to the 1500 m2 new factory building. In 2018, it took 3 parcels and expanded its closed areas to 12.000 m2 and total area of 33.000 m2 to meet the increasing demands of mega projects.
In these 33.000 m2 facilities; production of hot and cold forging of bolts, automatic and manual nut production, well type, chamber type and continue-type furnaces, electro-galvanize, hot galvanize and zinc flake coatings, and with the only accredited laboratory in Turkey in the sector with ISO EN 17025 certification all under one roof, has brought Berdan Civata a sought-after partner in Mega Projects all over the world.
Between the island of Cyprus and Anatolia, which is considered the project of the century, that extends 80 km below the sea level, the 1.6 meter diameter pipes are connected with Berdan’s bolts, which innovatively been provided with a corrosion resistance of 6500 hours of salt spray test.
And again, the TANAP Pipeline, which is a gateway to Europe through Greece from Azerbaijan through Turkey, has been furnished with Berdan Bolts all along the pumping stations on its 1800 km route, coated with Xylan (Teflon) withstanding 2400-hour salt spray.
As mentioned above, the know-how and unique experiences gained by working in Mega Projects, Berdan Civata A is ready to be a solution partner for fasteners in Mega Projects, where ever on the world and whatever size is needed. 

Date : 15.03.2019