80th Anniversary Carlo Salvi

“With the consciousness of our past, we can only look at the future”
Carlo Salvi S.p.A. was founded in 1939 and has developed over its 80 years of operation form a mechanical engineering company with a technical focus into a modern forming company with a focus on customers and solutions.  Nowadays with more than 100 employees worldwide, the company is capable to support its customers with machines, services and solutions.
When Mr. Carlo Salvi founded his company in Italy in 1939 he probably had no idea that this company would one day become one of the market leaders in the field of headers for the production of fastening elements and complex special parts. The company founder started by developing systems for mechanical descaling. Only few years later, he started to develop and build a machine for the thread rolling and manufacturing screw heads and bolts.
After the Second World War, Carlo Salvi developed its first forming machine, a one-die two-blow header to manufacture screw blanks that offered to the users a high level of productivity fir the time.
At the start of 1970s he started developing and manufacturing forming machines to produce screws, bolts and rivets not only solid, but also semi tubular and tubular.
Other milestone in the history of the company include the development of machines for processing materials such as stainless steel and titanium. The requirements of the aerospace sector in particular involve processing the particular materials. 
Today, 90% of the machines manufactured by the company are delivered to customers outside Italy and approximately 40% of them to customers outside Europe. For this reason, Carlo Salvi has over the years established branches in China, in the USA and in the United Kingdom.
While technical solutions may have been at the forefront of business in the previous century, additional services are now equally important in determining the success of a company. With this aim, the production area was expanded and modernized from 2002 to 2005. In 2014 Carlo Salvi acquired a partner company to handle with the electrical and electronic systems and in 2015 the further development was concluded with the addition of 1300 m2 building.
In 2016 the company came to an agreement with Hatebur and in April the Swiss company took over Carlo Salvi. This union enable the two companies the further build upon their strong position and their markets complement each other perfectly.
Today Carlo Salvi has supplied thousands of machines worldwide and offer a wide selection of cold and semi hot headers for wire diameters from 0,6 to 22mm.
2019 is the year of the 80° anniversary of Carlo Salvi company: “We have come a long way, but there still so much to do. With the consciousness of our past, we can only look at the future”.
Carlo Salvi S.p.A. 

Date : 15.03.2019