2018 Has Been a Positive Year

Overview of 2019 with Marco Pizzi, CCO Carlo Salvi S.p.a

Carlo Salvi S.p.a. is a leading company in the field of machinery production, worldwide known for his cold and semi-hot headers.
Our product range includes:
- 1-die 2-blow headers 
- 2-die 4-blow headers 
- up to 6 dies parts formers
Specially developed for the forming of screw blanks, screws and rivets, solid, semi and fully tubular parts, with extremely complex shapes. Major fields of application: aeronautical, automotive and electronics
Evaluation of year 2018 
2018 has been a positive year: we developed a new machine completed with induction heating and special application; we hired new specialized personnel and made relevant investments in our production site in Italy.
Goals, expectations and investments in 2019
In 2019, our technicians would continue their research and development efforts to be able to introduce our new project to the market in 2020. It will be something new and different for us.
In the automotive market, the trend is slightly negative while it is growing in aerospace, but the situation changes by to the various geographical areas. As Carlo Salvi, we are highly concentrated in developing technology related to the use of special alloys (e.g. titanium) and we believe that this kind of alloys, that are used in aerospace and medical sectors today, will be used also in automotive increasing the market figures.
The geographical areas that will be appealing tomorrow, as well as today, are Europe, USA, China, Japan and Korea. But we also believe that new countries will emerge from South East Asia with high growth. 
We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year full of satisfactions and successes, whatever they are!  

Date : 31.01.2019