Sacma Group World Premieres at Wire 2018

Wire 2018 was a very important edition for Sacma Group as a sign of esteem and gratitude to the customers who trust in Sacma and Ingramatic machines around the world and for all of the customers who decide to join the Winning Technologies® club and to choose Sacma Group for their investments. As usual Sacma Group has received all the actors of the forming world in its always appreciated booth for an exceptional exhibition dedicated to Mr. Giancarlo Rampezzotti. The stand displayed the most important innovations launched by both brands Sacma and Ingramatic. 
Sacma Group is well known for building  in each edition of Wire Dusseldorf a perfectly designed stand  to welcome the operators and technicians  and show them in optimal conditions the latest machines with the new innovations. Sacma Group says that its absolute priority is to organize the Wire show in the best way to spread its technologies to the technicians and all experts of cold and warm forming companies. The target of Sacma Group staff is to maintain and enhance the interest of people for the fasteners production where it is more and more difficult to find skilled people.   
Sacma introduced the progressive header model SP270-WF300°, which package consists of a light WF version, as alternative of the fully integrated warm forming machines. The machine shown the patented “S-Feed” wire feeding system, driven by servomotor and allowing a very precise and reliable cut-off operation. The header is designed for Industry 4.0 and equipped with the new Sacma Load Matic made by Brankamp. The 7th transfer finger was equipped with a pneumatic opening station, to be used for automatic quality management in connection with the loading control. 
The Sacma World premier was for the very first time the introduction of the unique Mechatronic transfer, the brand-new S-Transfer. The R&D department designed a transfer driven by torque motors allowing the operator to set-up and manage all the operations from the touch screen panel SC Matic. The final users saw finally a precise, reliable and effective servo transfer, reaching the typical targets of Sacma Group machinery. The S-Transfer provides additional functions to run difficult parts requiring dedicated set up for a perfect transportation. Sacma said that the S-Transfer will be progressively introduced in the Sacma headers in short period.
Ingramatic had a world premiere, showing the smallest threader inspired by the I-Thread concept, the model RP020 (W00/000) for the high-speed production of very precise miniature screws. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies available as an introduction system driven by a torque motor and a slide running on linear guides in order to ensure high accuracy for rolling operation. This machine is very attractive for companies making miniature parts on traditional machines. The customers found finally a real machine able to run miniature parts with a quick changeover and an outstanding capacity to produce high quality miniature parts at very high speed.
In addition, to give a better understanding about the undisputable capacity of Ingramatic to design modular machines with the highest level of sophistication to serve the most exigent users, Ingramatic had an additional demo with the large thread rolling machine model RP820 (TR8/W60). This machine is the best for running ultrahigh-tensile bolts for the Automotive and truck industries or structural bolts for the construction industry.
Sacma Group received many customers coming from different continents. This demonstrated the large interest of the main players of the fastener industry for Sacma Group organization. The marketing department says that the key point is to always support the market in the best way defending the advantages of this unbelievable cold forming technology. This strategy keeps definitively Sacma group in the focus of the attention of everybody and the number of visitors demonstrates that the customer appreciate the commitment of Sacma and Ingramatic.
Many customers came to Sacma group booth with new projects proving that Sacma and Ingramatic are considered the major suppliers and most valuable partners. The large interest demonstrated from small and medium companies, requesting more and more Ingramatic and Sacma machines, due to their low production cost and performance in making standard parts and very special components on the same machine is an excellent acknowledgment showing the Sacma Group full range availability. One new phenomena was also a very large interest by the customers coming from emergent countries where to find spaces and to find skill operators become difficult. Sacma says, these customers are looking for premium machineries to save space, to reduce the number of machines, to run parts at the higher output and help the operators to run quality products thanks to the robust and high-tech machineries delivered by Sacma Group.
This outstanding Wire Dusseldorf edition is a demonstration of the large and ever growing fastener makers interest for the Sacma Group machineries. The marketing management said that during this successful edition Sacma Group concluded new contracts and received a lot of new customers from the emergent markets. Sacma Group will definitively attend the next Wire show in 2020 with more technologies ready to anticipate the fastener market needs and to collect new success for the future. 

Date : 17.05.2018