Small Screws Producer Homn Reen, Supplies to Customers in 70 Countries

The Homn Reen Group continues to improve the value offered to its customers by increasing its production capabilities and product variety. 
The Homn Reen Enterprise Group is a multinational manufacturer of small screws, having factories in both Taiwan and Vietnam. The parent company, Homn Reen Enterprise Co. LTD, was founded in 1985 by its current General Manager, Jack Lin. For over 30 years, the company has focused on expanding its production capabilities, quality control process, and R&D efforts specifically in the area of small screws. Soon after its establishment, Homn Reen began its export business, and now serves customers in over 70 countries worldwide.
In 2010, Mr. Lin completed his ambitious plan to establish a 100,000 m2 factory located in Vietnam under the subsdiary business, Homn Reen Vietnam Co. LTD. The ‘Homn Reen Enterprise Group’ is the partnership between the Vietnamese subsidiary and the parent company, Homn Reen Enterprise Co. LTD, in Taiwan. With this business structure, the Homn Reen Group can serve a wider geographic market with a combined capacity of 2,500 metric tons per month. The groundbreaking Vietnam facility is able to complete all manufacturing activities in house without any reliance on subcontracting.
This saves time and increases control over quality, which improves the overall value for its customers. This year, Homn Reen Vietnam has also finished the construction of a new wire drawing facility, further integrating the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Currently, Homn Reen Vietnam is able to offer a similar product range as Taiwan, including self-drilling, drywall, chipboard, particle board, wood, decking, trilobular, machine, tapping, and concrete screws.
With in-house wire drawing, annealing, cold forming, milling, welding, electroplating (Vietnam), heat treatment, assembling, and packing, Homn Reen has become a leading supplier in the industry. The company offers products made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialized alloys to fulfill most material performance requirements from its customers. It has also invested heavily in R&D to design and produce specialized product dimensions and geometries required in a wide range fastening applications. With this customer-centered product development strategy, the company plans on increasing its market share in key geographic regions. Mr. Lin expects to see solid growth for both the Vietnam and Taiwan operations, and will continue to make smart investments in product development and manufacturing capabilities, driven by customer demands and market trends. 

Date : 24.01.2018