Machine Vision Inspection Systems by ZXY-TECH

The best advantage of machine vision inspection is that the machine can provide 24 hours of non-stop operation, effectively improve the inspection rate, reduce the incidence of human error, improve the product yield with productivity and more for saving big money on labor cost.

About Machine Vision Inspection
“Machine Vision” is the concept of «Cameras replace human eyes». Compared to the traditional way of human eyes inspection, machine vision inspection biggest advantage is that the machine can provide 24 hours of non-stop operation effectively improve the inspection rate reduce the incidence of human error and help to improve the product yield and productivity.
ZXY-TECH developed and manufactured optical inspection sorting machine (Machine Vision Inspection) to substitute manpower, it is simple to use, accurate and fast for operation. Saving money and saving time, its worthy investing for optical inspection sorting machinery and equipment. 
ZXY-TECH optical inspection sorting machine can be widely used in the industry:
Fastener Industry: Screws,Nuts, Clips, Stampings
Metal Processing Industry: CNC, Powder Metallurgy, Extruding, Forging
Surface Treatment Industry: Electroplating, Heat Treatment
Electronics Industry : Electronic Components
Plastic & Rubber Industry: Plastic, Rubber Products
SCI-1000 Steel Belt Series-Screw Sorting Machine
NGI-1000 Glass Dial Series - Optical Inspection Sorting Machine
RGI-1000 Two-Sided Optical Inspection Sorting Machine
RGI-2000 Double-Glass Optical Inspection Sorting Machine
NCI-1000 Conveyor Optical Inspection Sorting Machine
SSI-1000 Steel Disk Optical Inspection Sorting Machine
ECS-800 Eddy Current System Sorting Machine
Customized Sorting Machine
Optional Accessories for Sorting Machine 
ZXY Technology Ltd.(ZXY-Tech) is located in south of Taiwan (Gangshan Dist.,Kaohsiung City).Founded in 2008, ZXY-Tech is the direct manufacturer for optical inspection sorting machine with sorting equipment’ design and production.


Date : 15.01.2018