KVT-Fastening Introduces New PEM SMTSS Snap-Top Fastener for SMT Automatic Machines

KVT-Fastening extends its range of PEM fastenings for securing circuit boards without using screws by adding a new SMTSS model. For the first time, this is available in a belted version. This means that it can be used in existing SMT automatic machines without the need to press in place the spacer normally required or actually putting it in place manually, thus saving costs.
While traditional methods of fastening in the component require separate materials, such as loose threads and spacer bushes, to say nothing of the work involved in tightening the locking screws, are required, none of this is needed when using the SMTSS. The integrated snap-top feature allows especially circuit boards to be installed more simply and reliable in assemblies. This reduces the risk through all phases of installation that faults will occur in the circuit boards, or that they will sustain fractures.
PEM SMTSS Snap-Top fasteners offer the possibility of precision, automated installation without the expenditure on unnecessary material and work, They are made of carbon steel and are supplied in belts 24 mm wide on 13” reels and with a spacing of 6, 8 or 10 mm. They can be used on materials from 1.53 mm (0,60”) in thickness. 

Date : 24.01.2018