Hafren Offers Various Security Screws

The need to safeguard against theft, vandalism and tampering is an increasingly essential part of many design specifications. To counter these threats, Hafren is constantly keeping one step ahead of intruders by manufacturing a comprehensive range of vandal and tamper resistant fixings and fasteners which have a varied range of uses.
Hafren’s range includes time and labor saving self-tapping, self-drilling and thread forming screws. For fixing sheet metal to wood and other steel construction, Hafren has also developed self-drillers equipped with its 6-Lobe Pin security drive. Drilling tips provide a fast and easy application eliminating the need to pre-drill and the 6-Lobe Pin is great for higher torque applications.
Hafren has also developed a specialized thread forming screw (Power6™) ideal for utomotive and fencing applications. This tri-lobular self-threading screw eliminates the need for nuts, reducing labor costs & installation time. The Power6™ Security Screws also feature a unique shaped 6-Lobe Pin drive, providing a higher level of security.

Date : 18.05.2018