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Murakoshi opened the Yamanashi Plant at the Supplier Meeting

Murakoshi MFG. Corp. (Tokyo) opened the Yamanashi Plant, which is the production base of the Living Interior Business Division, at the Supplier Meeting held on June 7. More than 30 participants visited the assembly line of hinges and functional brackets and the large-scale endurance test equipment at the Ichinomiya factory.

The Ichinomiya Factory has large-scale equipment that performs durability tests, such as dampers and slide hinges that are door fittings. The robot arm has conducted over 100,000 open / close endurance tests of various doors. A functional fitting “seismic latch” that locks when a large vibration is detected in order to prevent an accident in which the door of the cabinet opens and the dishes and the like fall during an earthquake is one of the representative products of the Living Interior Division. The demonstration facility of this seismic latch was also demonstrated by a vibration testing device that generates the same shaking as an earthquake.

They also published a production process using a die-casting machine for "Onime Nut", which is one of the representative products that made it possible to re-assemble wood furniture, with metal fittings that join the components of the assembled structural furniture. “Onime Nut", which was developed in 1967, was originally produced by cutting, but then shifted to a method of mass production using zinc die casting.

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief